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"The Executive Coaching Consultancy provides us with a maternity coaching programme for women from all areas of the firm. The coaches help individuals to manage the pressures and responsibilities that can arise during an important period of change which not only affects their career but also their personal life. This is an invaluable service which helps us to retain talent in an increasingly competitive market and to support women working in a high pressure environment."

Caroline Harding - Director of Learning and Development, Herbert Smith LLP

Coaching Comment Executive Consultancy - March 2011

Welcome to this, our first quarterly newsletter – with so many changes affecting the world of work we thought we’d focus this first issue on some of the key themes and trends we see through our work with many professional female executives.

Coaching Comment March 2011Many of our clients are looking at how to make Flexible Working work (both organisationally and individually) and we’re getting a lot of questions about the new Paternity legislation so we have a particular focus on these issues this quarter, plus an outline of our new programmes for fathers and fathers to be!

Did you know that in a survey of CEOs’ priorities in the next 5 years, the issue of Flexible Working came in the top 3 and from a recent poll we did with over 120 female professionals over 95% said that being able to work flexibly was important to them. Having worked with over 1000 women over the last 6 years, many working on a flexible basis, as well as the many managers we have supported as they transition to managing a more complex team – we see good practice and innovative ways of addressing the challenges of flexible working. We know that flexible working is here to stay so those businesses that can embrace and adapt to it successfully will be the future employers of choice, and be able to attract the best candidates. Our team at the Executive Coaching Consultancy is wholly comprised of coaches and others who work flexibly – so we understand the challenges but also the many benefits of working in this way.

Also in this issue, Carrie Longton co-founder of MumsNet shares her secrets of success as an entrepreneur and busy mum and Suzanne Jacobs from Working Families expands on how businesses can make flexible working effective. Michelle Chance, employment partner from law firm Kingsley Napley summarises the new Family friendly legislation too. We’ve also included some quick and simple tips for managing a less elastic day.

We’d love to get your feedback on what you’d like us to include in future issues so do drop me a line with any suggestions.

Best wishes,

Geraldine Gallacher,

Managing Director, The Executive Coaching Consultancy

In the March 2011 Issue...

Posted on: 03.03.2011

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