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"We are seeing the success of this [maternity coaching] programme, as we have a return rate from maternity leave of 90%"

Emily Midwood, Deutsche Bank, HR Magazine, 18 May 2011

Dads say ‘what about me?

Paternity Programmes for new and expectant dads are now being offered in conjunction with Employees Matter to help fathers deal with the challenges of combining work and family.

These range from seminars to workshops and 1:1 coaching programmes to support their transition to fatherhood.

Until recently, fatherhood has barely been visible in discussions about parenthood, work-life balance and careers. The changes in April 2011 to our Paternity Legislation are encouraging employers and parents to openly think differently about the dual career / dual parenting responsibilities that many couples now have. Whether fathers choose to take up their new rights to additional paternity leave or not is still unclear but it is at least being widely acknowledged that the transition to parenthood can have a significant impact on performance and aspirations at work and that employers need to proactively support new parents to ensure this transition is as smooth and effective as possible.

Our interactive Paternity Workshops are run by fatherhood expert, Tom Beardshaw, who has spent the last ten years lobbying on paternity issues and being involved in helping change government attitudes towards fathers and the new paternity leave legislation. The Workshops allow fathers the opportunity to discuss openly issues around pregnancy, birth and parenting. They also provide fathers with information and advice to help them explore how becoming a parent will affect their working lives.

Expectant Dads workshop

  • Exploring gender stereotyping - the traditional perception
  • Expectations for the birth, supporting their partner during their maternity
  • Dealing with the transition to parenthood
  • Considering your firm's Paternity policy
  • Additional Paternity Leave - considering your options and planning your paternity leave
  • Creating a personal vision for fatherhood and work/life balance
  • Consideration of any changes to work practices to accommodate Fatherhood - Responsibility Vs Flexibility

Managing Work and Fatherhood workshop (during your child's first year)

  • Reflection on early experiences of fathering and exploration of fathering challenges
  • Understanding personal stress points in work performance, relationship and parenting roles
  • Work / home integration - is the balance right?
  • Coordinating childcare and work with partner, managing perceptions of your childcare responsibilities at work
  • Considering alternative work patterns
  • Consideration of the impact of fatherhood on career development goals
  • Setting goals for work / career / parenting / partner

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Posted on: 06.03.2011

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