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"Our business is our people and it is critical that we retain them. It is important to us to support women in making the transition from work to maternity and back again. The Executive Coaching Consultancy, through the provision of maternity coaching helps us to do this and reduce the risk of losing our talent."

Sasha Hardman, Head of HR - Support, Policy & Systems, Allen and Overy

Coaching for Flexibility

The help for individuals and managers available through Executive Coaching

What is Coaching for Flexibility?

Organisations increasingly want to do more to support the success of flexible working as they strive to retain their key women, continue to harness the experience of their Baby Boomers approaching retirement and attract the next generation of both men and women. Through our seminar programmes, managers are able to explore how working flexibly can be an opportunity rather than a potential minefield and are encouraged to think creatively about how they might implement different working patterns within their teams. From the individual's perspective our highly tailored one to one coaching programmes allow them the opportunity to consider the working pattern most suitable for them and how they can ensure success working in an agile way. Working with a coach to develop a pragmatic approach to what flexible work arrangement they ask for and how they then go on to successfully implement working flexibly ensures a positive outcome for both the individual and their organisation.

How does it Work?

Seminars for Managers

Through a one or two hour seminar managers are encouraged to consider a consistent approach to flexible working within their organisation. Using examples of successful work arrangements as well as giving the opportunity to share experiences and views of how it currently might work, allows managers to explore the issues associated with working flexibly from all perspectives:

  • Understanding the context and rationale for flexible working
  • Exploring your organisation's current approach
  • How to change the culture
  • How to implement different work patterns
  • How to manage team concerns, attitudes and create a positive approach
  • Alerting managers to factors such as unconscious bias, which can affect attitudes
  • Successful case studies and best practice
  • How to manage promotion and career development expectations of flexible workers

One to One Coaching

An individually tailored 6 - 12 month coaching programme that could potentially involve the individual, job share partner and line manager. Topics covered include:

  • Ensuring flexible working requests are pragmatic
  • Focusing on the transition to successfully working flexibly
  • How to adapt working practices to suit agile working
  • Exploring changes in behaviour that will support success
  • Continuously reviewing how it's working for individual, manager and team

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Posted on: 11.06.2011

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